Sweet, Sticky, DELICIOUS!

Sweet, Sticky, DELICIOUS!

We may be new to the blogging business, but we are ‘old hands’ when it comes to maple syrup. Our maple farm was started in 1947 by Virginia Collins, or, as she’s affectionately known ‘round these parts, “Grandma.”

Grandma tapped a handful of roadside trees, hung buckets on the taps and gathered the sap using pails hung on a yoke over her shoulders to haul it to the sugarhouse. Grandma was serious about syrup.

She boiled the sap in a wood-fired flat pan in the attic of her parent’s house, and for every 40 gallons of delicately sweet sap, and what must have felt like 40 hours of grueling labor, Grandma rejoiced in one delectable gallon of pure maple syrup. 

Times have surely changed, but our maple syrup today is just as pure, and just as sweet.  Now we produce maple syrup from 22,000 trees on over 400 acres, we’ve replaced yokes over our shoulders with a bit of modern equipment, and we blog about it so you can be a part of the process.

Grandma is still kicking around, but these days she’s generally busy baking for the next generation of sugar makers rather than tapping trees and hauling sap…No one makes raised donuts like Grandma!

From Grandma’s kitchen to yours, ENJOY!