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Maple Syrup for Food - Recipes and Restaurants

Jan 21, 2020
It’s called liquid gold for a reason. Whether you are cooking breakfast, dinner or baking something sweet for a loved one, maple syrup can make any recipe sweet and savory with just a dash.  Not only…

Maple Tree Tapping: The Sap Flow Begins

Feb 14, 2017
And so it begins…! As the sun comes up, teams trail off in every direction over and around the rugged, snowy hills and valleys that define most of Vermont’s landscape, and our sugarwoods in particular.…

Grade A: Golden Color, Custom Labels, Exclusively YOU!

Jan 24, 2017
Your custom, personalized labels on our Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and Maple Products will compliment your wedding or special event, or set your holiday gift apart from all the rest in a way that nothing…