Grade A: Golden Color, Custom Labels, Exclusively YOU!

Grade A: Golden Color, Custom Labels, Exclusively YOU!

Your custom, personalized labels on our Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and Maple Products will compliment your wedding or special event, or set your holiday gift apart from all the rest in a way that nothing else will. All those other gifts are merely dressed up corn syrup by comparison.

It’s the little details, the ones you take extra special care in attending to that will ultimately be remembered; it’s why there are mints on the pillow, or greeters at the door. Custom, personalized Vermont maple syrup is as thoughtful and unique, as it is delicate and sweet.

For over 10 years, my husband Mike and I have been deeply involved with the Groton Fall Foliage Festival, here in Groton, VT; specifically the Groton Chicken Pie Supper, a mainstay tradition since 1954! Events like the Chicken Pie Supper are truly town events, and define community in the same way pure maple syrup, eye-popping fall foliage, and a pristine blanket of snow define Vermont.

Vermont Maple Syrup with Personalized TagIf you’re there, you’re making chicken, apple, or pumpkin pies, waiting on tables, or dishing up sides. For our part, Mike and I have been baking pies, helping with setup and anything else we can get our hands on, alongside a half-dozen or more of our closest family members for years. We’ve also been bringing along a little something extra… custom-labeled “Groton’s Famous Chicken Pie Supper” half-pint bottles of Vermont Maple Direct maple syrup!

Vermont communities are tucked in pockets all across these snow-covered hills and valleys, knitted together by sap lines and shared experience. Our custom-labeled syrup honors that spirit of community and shared experience in a way that folks can take home with them -- unlike the pies, which are usually long gone well before the lights go out.

Your wedding or anniversary, annual family gathering or corporate retreat, birthday party, grand opening, Christmas stocking stuffer or New Year’s Extravaganza deserves that kind of attention to detail that honors who you are and who you’re sharing it with. Custom-labeled and uniquely personalized 100% Pure Vermont Maple Syrup from Vermont Maple Direct does just that!